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Old Cleanse

Lose Weight, Boost Your Energy, Get Your Focus Back!

It’s Time To Take Your Power Back!

Why would you do a cleanse?

Everyone’s doing a cleanse these days or at least talking about one. I think cleanses are great, but they are not all created equal.

There are some great benefits to doing cleanses, like losing weight, hitting the reset button, changing your evil eating ways, and getting clearer in your head. Cleanses are also a great way to get more energy and regain control of your health.

And, I have some great news for you, your next cleanse doesn’t have to be a whiff lemon with a sip of water. Cleanses shouldn’t be torture, in fact the best and most effective cleanses actually let you eat… like real food! My clients always have an aha moment when I tell them that my cleanse has protein included, so you build your muscles while you cleanse.

I initially started the 10 Day Cleanse for weight loss.

I struggled a little bit the first few days, but the weight loss kept me going... I lost 14.2 pounds and 11 inches, but the unexpected benefit was this feeling of empowerment, a drive to move forward with my goals, confidence and strength, both physically and emotionally.

I'm all done blaming willpower for my past failed attempts at weight loss. The 10 Day Cleanse gave me just what I needed! I LOVE the way my body feels when it has the food it was created to eat.

Darcie A

So, what is my cleanse?

The 10 Day Transformation Cleanse is the easiest cleanse you’ll ever do! You feel full. It tastes good. And, you guessed it, it’s only 10 days. C’mon, you can do anything for 10 DAYS!

For 10 days, you drink yummy green shakes, take a special protein supplement, electrolytes, tart cherry to help you sleep, and a colon cleanser (you won’t be on the potty all the time!). Plus, you get to eat real foods like fruits and vegetables. All ingredients are Organic, Raw, Live, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. There are no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors, no GMOs, no soy, no fillers or binders.

I did this cleanse because I wanted help with brain fog, losing weight, and low levels of energy.

It was a bit challenging on days 1-3, then totally fantastic the rest of the cleanse. My body loved it and responded immediately to the pure superfoods - these are the best I've ever had - and I'm was a super-food junkie even before this cleanse.

Since doing the cleanse I feel fantastic, I'll never ever go a day without using those superfoods again. Its a forever thing for me. I am a full-time musician, and Pilates instructor - I'm all over the place day and night and I have to have energy. I use the tools from the 10 Day Cleanse daily, and I turn others on to it all the time. It's very easy to use, tastes great, and it works!

Suzzanne P

I struggle with cravings and feeling sluggish after eating.

I felt like the 10 day cleanse was able to reset my thought process with food. I no longer craved sweets/salty things daily.

I feel great after doing the cleanse! I have control of my cravings and feel like my body is able to properly use the fuel I’m providing it.

Mandy H

Before I did my first 10 Day Cleanse, I was struggling with diet, in general. Just not eating healthfully. Plus I was smoking cigarettes. I sat on the Cleanse products for two months before actually doing it, because I felt like I needed to somehow "earn" the right to do it by quitting smoking first. My sister told me to go ahead and do it, even though I was still smoking, that I would still benefit from it. So I took that pressure off of myself, and did the Cleanse.

I was surprised at how I was able to follow the guidelines pretty easily. And was very surprised to see my cravings for things like bacon and pizza went to the wayside, and exchanged for healthy things like steamed vegetables.

After I completed the Transformation, I felt lighter (I had lost around 10 pounds and many inches). I also felt proud of myself for having followed the program. It helped to give me belief in myself and the resolve to quit smoking, which I did a couple of months later.