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Flu Fighters

I saw in the newspaper last week that the flu has officially arrived in Aspen, so I thought let’s talk flu fighters (not Foo Fighters) today! How do we protect ourselves and boost our immune systems to kick the flu’s behind before it kicks our butts? I’ve got some ideas for you, plus I’ll share […]

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Hormonal Insomnia

I went to sleep before 8:30 last night, 9 the night before and 8 a few nights back. When slept in until at 9am (you read that right) my husband said, “I thought only teenagers did that.” I’m sleeping lots and lots right now because, like my teenage counterpart, I’m in a whirlwind of hormonal […]

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Is This Menopause?

When you need reader glasses to find the tab on your tampon wrapper, it’s probably time for menopause. This actually happened to me last week, and I thought you’d get a laugh out of the image of me literally asking my husband to bring me some readers after trying to tear it open with my […]

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Dryness (down there)

Yep, I’m gonna use the “V” word and talk about vaginal dryness. I hear a lot of menopausal women sharing this uncomfortable and totally irritating complaint. It can be anything from annoying to downright debilitating and a serious sex life ruiner, that is if you even want to have sex at all during menopause. So […]

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Brain Fog

Brain fog is a common menopause complaint. Heck, it can be a big issue for lots of non-menopausers too! I naively thought I’d skipped that perimenopausal symptom, until I noticed I couldn’t quite grasp the words I wanted to say. Easy words like… glove, dinner, or bike. I could picture the item, knew I knew […]

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