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Menopause Is A Spiritual Opportunity

What?!? A spiritual opportunity? I feel like crap, how can this be spiritual? What on earth are you talking about Sheridan? When I say spiritual, I mean menopause helps you get in touch with your spirit, your inner being, your soul. Like the hero’s journey, you have to go through some tough stuff to come […]

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Resolutions Smesolutions

It’s that time of year again, where we sheepishly try to make up for our holiday debauchery with a solid intention to turn over a new leaf… tomorrow. That’s it, tomorrow is a new day, a new year and gosh darn it, we’re going to undo our holiday habits, heck all of last year. We’re […]

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Cycle Madness in Menopause

OMG, how much can one woman bleed?!? ***WARNING Graphic Content to follow!*** After 5 super-plus tampons backed up by 5 super-maxi pads, I began to wonder if anyone has ever bled out during her period. It suddenly hit me, this is the flooding I’ve read about. I’d been sailing by for the past year with […]

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Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

We’re almost into the home stretch of the holiday season now, just Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s to go. These last ones come fast and furious, right on top of each other. It can be hard to keep our heads above water between the overindulging, busyness, money layout, and intense family dynamics. Stress, stress, and […]

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Weight Gain In Menopause

Just tried on my new ski pants, size 10, and they’re uncomfortably tight! What happened to being a 6 Tall? Granted that was probably a nicotine-induced skinniness, but geez, size 10 ski pants cut off my circulation when I get into a tuck. Harsh! Let’s talk about the irritating weight gain that always seems to […]

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Flu Fighters

I saw in the newspaper last week that the flu has officially arrived in Aspen, so I thought let’s talk flu fighters (not Foo Fighters) today! How do we protect ourselves and boost our immune systems to kick the flu’s behind before it kicks our butts? I’ve got some ideas for you, plus I’ll share […]

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