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Dryness (down there)

Yep, I’m gonna use the “V” word and talk about vaginal dryness. I hear a lot of menopausal women sharing this uncomfortable and totally irritating complaint. It can be anything from annoying to downright debilitating and a serious sex life ruiner, that is if you even want to have sex at all during menopause. So […]

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Brain Fog

Brain fog is a common menopause complaint. Heck, it can be a big issue for lots of non-menopausers too! I naively thought I’d skipped that perimenopausal symptom, until I noticed I couldn’t quite grasp the words I wanted to say. Easy words like… glove, dinner, or bike. I could picture the item, knew I knew […]

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Menopause: Round 4

I’m finding menopause symptoms come in waves. Sometimes I’m up on the crest feeling so good, scoffing menopause, and feeling I’ve got this symptom nonsense licked. Then suddenly a rouge wave comes out of nowhere, smacks me off my high perch, and I’m back down in the trough wondering what the heck just happened. What […]

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Fire Relief

We’ve had a huge fire burning here locally since July 3. It’s been intense for all in the valley, especially the firefighters and everyone directly affected by evacuations, home losses, smoke damage, and now mud slide threats. It has impacted people deeply. It’s been stressful, anxiety producing, and depressing. Summer was joyfully cruising along, a […]

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Hot Flash or Power Surge?

I’ve been having tons of hot flashes lately, haven’t slept a full night in months, and my thinking’s gettin’ foggy. Sound familiar? Yup, it’s menopause, and it’s legit! Not for sissies! Leave it to women to do all the badass s#*t! I’m perfectly fine one moment, minding my own business, not hurting anyone, and then whoosh […]

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A Little Bit About… Birch Essential Oil

Birch essential oil is often unfamiliar to people. It comes from the bark of these gorgeous, magnificent trees. Birch trees are native to North America – so it’s the local essential oil for us U.S. folks! It smells a lot like wintergreen due to one of the constituents it contains – the twigs actually smell […]

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