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What Can Essential Oils Do For You?

What can essential oils do for you? More like, what can’t they do! I was introduced to the incredible power of essential oils by the traditional Naturopath I apprenticed with, and my first thoughts were, “Aromatherapy is nice and all for smelling, but can it really do anything for my health?” I’d previously used some […]

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What Underlies All Health Issues? Part 2

Let’s continue… last week I mentioned the three components of holistic health: physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual. Basically all the areas of our lives fit into one or more of these categories. I wrote how emotional patterns ultimately underlie all our health issues, and I stand by that as the foundation for what ails us. This […]

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Holiday Essential Oils

The holidays are upon us! Here in Aspen we can feel the tsunami coming! Over Christmas and New Year’s our population goes from 6,700 to a whopping 27,000! Regardless of where we live the holidays often bringing us needing some extra support. I thought let’s talk about essential oils for the holidays to help us […]

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Emotional Rescue – With Essential Oils

Emotions can be super intense both good and bad. They can completely overwhelm us and literally hijack our entire day or week, or more, challenging us to deal with our emotions and daily lives at the same time. It is hard to know what to do to help ourselves when we are going through difficult […]

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Sick Of Getting Bit?!? Natural Bug Repellents

It is definitely bug season now! Our local nature preserve flooded this spring and it is a mosquito haven now, with lots of flesh exposed stand up paddle boarders ripe for the pickings! This got me (well actually my husband) to thinking that I should write about natural insect repellents. With all the picnics, hikes, and camping […]

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Myth Busting Essential Oils, Part 1

Do essential oils even work? They smell nice and all, but do they even do anything? What are essential oils? Are they safe? What’s the deal with essential oils or aromatherapy anyway? I get these questions all the time, because I use essential oils predominantly with my clients. Instead of using herbs, supplements, or homeopathic […]

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