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Holistic Health for the New Year

Happy New Year! I love this time of year because it is filled with so much hope. I also like it because most everyone is focused on their health, their lives, and their bodies – all music to my Holistic Health Practitioner ears! It’s so great when people want to heal themselves and their ways […]

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Path to Holistic Health

Taking care of ourselves is so layered, isn’t it? It’s not as simple as not drinking so much or cutting back on sugar and bread. Not that those are so simple for most of us! Holistic care, taking care of ourselves from a holistic perspective, really means looking at all aspects of our lives. It’s […]

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What is Holistic Health?

What does holistic health even mean? Alternative health buzzwords get thrown around easily these days, but what do they really mean? And, more importantly how do they help you get healthier? As a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, my thoughts were to define this term and figure out what it means for you. Holistic health simply […]

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What’s Wrong with Me?

Have you been wondering why you’re not feeling 100% all of the time? Are you waking up at night and can’t get back to sleep? Are you dragging ass through your afternoons, reaching for chocolate just to keep you going? Do you have this nagging feeling something’s missing? There’s no reason you shouldn’t have abundant […]

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What’s Making You Sick? Germs Or Your Environment?

Germs or Environment? It goes back to the 19th Century, this battle for dominance, and has impacted medicine dramatically since then – think antibiotics, vaccines, chemo, and drugs in general. Even lots of seemingly alternative practitioners use this same thought process – treat disease not the whole person. So, what is it I’m talking about? […]

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What Is A Detox Really?

Detoxing – what does that really mean? We understand the definition: “the process of removing toxic substances”, but how does that translate into your experience? What does that really look or feel like in your body? Images of a detox center often come up with addicts going through intense withdrawals. You’d be surprised to feel […]

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