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Hot Flash or Power Surge?

I’ve been having tons of hot flashes lately, haven’t slept a full night in months, and my thinking’s gettin’ foggy. Sound familiar? Yup, it’s menopause, and it’s legit! Not for sissies! Leave it to women to do all the badass s#*t! I’m perfectly fine one moment, minding my own business, not hurting anyone, and then whoosh […]

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Menopause Isn’t a Disease

Menopause isn’t a disease, so let’s stop treating as if it were one. In allopathic medicine, we take a pill to deal with our “disease” symptoms and voila no more problem, right? Not so fast… there really isn’t a magic pill to heal yourself. Pills taking away our symptoms don’t deal with the real problem […]

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Environmentalism and Big Pharma Don’t Mix

We all like to think we’re environmentalists, right? We want to help the planet, improve the situation, not worsen it, right? Trying to do our parts by driving less, getting hybrid cars, recycling, bringing our own bags to the market – yay for us! But, did you ever think about the effects your medicine cabinet […]

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