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Cleansing, Fall Back – into You

Now is the perfect time to cleanse. Traditional medicine practices like Chinese or Ayurveda recommend cleansing in the fall (and spring) when the earth is going through its transformations as well. It’s fall and as we fall back into daylight standard time, I recommend falling back into yourself as well. What do I mean by that? Cleanses clear away the debris separating you from who you really are. Sounds dramatic and airy fairy, but I actually mean it.

Toxins, cravings, stress, microbes gone wild – all these things keep your body and mind from being all you can be. Think about the last time you were really sick. You couldn’t do anything other than lay around and try to let your body heal itself, right? Now, imagine due to toxic built up, overgrown bad bacteria, internal stress, that you are moderately sick all the time. You can’t think or act your best because your body is busy surviving the onslaught of crap going on inside you.

When you cleanse, you clean out some of that debris; you take the trash out. It’s like living in a house where you’ve let the tchotchke (love the spelling of that word!) take over. It’s hard to move around and difficult to focus on what you need to do. All that stuff is clouding over your brain and taking up all the space. Cleansing allows you to clean your junk drawer out, wipe the slate clean and gives you a fresh start.

Cleansing is an excellent way to get on top of your diet and health habits again too. You give yourself a set amount of time to clean things up; that way it’s not a life sentence, and you can manage it. You give your body pure, clean nutrition only. This lets your body to go work on its punch list of items to fix and repair, it’s “honey do” list. Now, your own little handy man goes to work in your body’s tissues, organs, and cells to repair the foundation.

There are tons of different ways to cleanse, but they all involve stopping eating and drinking junk. That alone is a cleanse in and of itself! And, they all include bringing in dense nutrients that detoxify and help the body clean house. Some cleanses may disagree or be misguided about what those dense nutrients should be, but I know the right intention is there.

Not all cleanses are created equal. Many detoxify you, but also break your body down while they clean you out, meaning they’re catabolic. For example, your muscles get sacrificed (catabolized) for protein needs during most cleanses. The best cleanses are anabolic, which means they build you up while you doing the housekeeping. Sounds better huh? Some cleanses have way too much sugar, like in fruit juices or sweet vegetable juices, and can actually feed those bad bugs run amok in your body. I’ve seen clients have to take months to recover from the damage done by a popular cleanse that literally fed the mold and yeast in their bodies to unimaginable proportions.

Sugar-rich cleanses also can really throw off your hormonal system, with the constant spiking of insulin to deal with the excess sugar in your bloodstream. Once you get one hormone, like insulin from the pancreas, working overtime, you get a domino effect into adrenal stress or thyroid stress or even estrogen/progesterone/testosterone stress. It’s a vicious cycle with hormones!

It’s hard to know what to do to take care of yourself, isn’t it? I think the best cleanses include some real food, not just shakes or juices. I also like ones that account for our body’s important protein needs. It’s difficult to heal without those little protein molecules – amino acids.

A great cleanse is to simply eat really well, lots of vegetables and superfoods for a set amount of time. That’s something everyone can do on their own without buying a packaged cleanse. It can take a little extra time, as these foods need cooking or preparing at home. How sad is it that it is so difficult to get truly healthy food outside of the home? And, even inside it most of the time too with our constant need for quick convenient foods. Something’s gotta give, doesn’t it? I digress… Yes, it can take some extra effort to do a homemade cleanse, but the sacrifice is short and so worth the payout.

Happy fall cleansing! After Halloween is the perfect time to start thinking about how you’re going to get through the holidays healthy and feeling in control of what goes in your mouth. I recommend planning now for a Post-Thanksgiving cleanse to give yourself that reset after one big food holiday and before the next. Set yourself up for making better choices, easily as we head into the season of cookies and treats on every counter, and in every office, not to mention all the indulgences surrounding of Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s. Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel empowered to effortlessly say no to some stuff and yes to the things you really want to celebrate?

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Sheridan Semple

Sheridan Semple grew up in Aspen, where she learned a love for the outdoors and nature, as well as our amazing human bodies. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, and Clinical Aromatherapist. Her goal is to teach you to heal yourself so you can take your power back when it comes to your health.

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