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Medicinal Aromatherapy Healing Sessions

Medicinal... what?!?

Mind, body, and spirit focused healing sessions that address holistic health on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Experience what essential oils can do for you medicinally in these healing sessions.

Each session is a unique, one of a kind, experience. No two sessions will be the same. Sheridan follows where you, your body, and the essential oils lead her with the intention to support you in healing yourself.

What to expect

Sessions will always include the application of medicinal-grade essential oils.

Session modalities will vary and may include craniosacral therapy, reflexology, relaxation, Trager therapy, or light Swedish massage in the application of the oils. You might be able to persuade Sheridan to help you work out a specific kink, with her 20+ years of deep tissue experience.

Sessions are performed on a massage table, but don't come expecting a normal bodywork session. This isn't a massage. These are healing sessions. 

$95 per Session

New Client -  $75 - First Session

Come experience what essential oil healing session can do for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually! 

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Sessions last approximately 1 hour

Sheridan is a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Clinical Aromatherapist. She has 20 years of massage and bodywork experience and 10 years working with essential oils and aromatherapy. She has been trained in a multitude of modalities, so you know she has the tools you need for a healing session.