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Meet Sheridan

If you don't feel like watching the really short video above, here are the highlights...

00:01   Hi, I'm Sheridan Semple

00:18   I got sick... really sick

00:33   Saw every doctor and alternative practitioner imaginable

00:48   $700 and a spreadsheet of supplements later... still sick!

01:02   Got lucky - 1 Naturopath + 1 BioScan + 2 tooth extractions = not sick anymore!​

01:23   Changed​ career after becoming obsessed with the BioScan

01:42   8 years apprenticeship and 4 years advanced schooling later

01:54   I'm a Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and Clinical Aromatherapist

​02:27   Now, I use the BioScan to help people

02:46   WTF's a BioScan? Click the button to find out!

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