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Regain control of your body.

Rid your body of toxins and restore your gut health in order to eliminate unhealthy cravings, experience sharper focus, sleep better, and lose some extra pounds.

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Why should you do a cleanse?

You may feel stuck in a rut. You feel tired all the time, none of your clothes fit right, and you’ve been longing to build healthier habits but aren’t sure how to make them stick.

We all know we “should” eat well, workout, sleep, and not stress, but it can be difficult to find the motivation to make time for yourself in your busy lifestyle.

A cleanse is a great place to start. By taking a break from your normal rut, you allow a change to inspire you to step out of the box. And stay out. 

Why this cleanse?

Everyone’s doing a cleanse these days. Cleanses are a great way to regain energy and take control of your health, but they are not all the same.

Cleanses do not have to be limited to kale and lemon water. Our 10 day holistic cleanse tastes good and can be supplemented with real food like berries, avocado, and vegetables. It includes an amino acid supplement for pure protein which allows you to build muscle while you cleanse as opposed to other cleanses which are missing this important element.

This cleanse helps you break addictive eating patterns using superfood nutrition. It is a simple plan without any guesswork or crazy shopping lists. On top of the green shakes, protein supplements, and electrolytes you can eat some clean foods and go easy on your workouts.

All ingredients are Organic, Raw, Live, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. There are no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors and no GMOs, soy, fillers, or binders.

What customers are saying


“Before I did my first 10 Day Cleanse, I was struggling with diet in general. Just not eating healthfully. Plus I was smoking cigarettes. I sat on the Cleanse products for two months before actually doing it, because I felt like I needed to somehow "earn" the right to do it by quitting smoking first. My sister told me to go ahead and do it, even though I was still smoking, that I would still benefit from it. So I took that pressure off of myself and did the Cleanse.

I was surprised at how I was able to follow the guidelines pretty easily. And was very surprised to see my cravings for things like bacon and pizza went to the wayside, and exchanged for healthy things like steamed vegetables.

After I completed the Transformation, I felt lighter (I had lost around 10 pounds and many inches). I also felt proud of myself for having followed the program. It helped to give me belief in myself and the resolve to quit smoking, which I did a couple of months later.”


“I did this cleanse because I wanted help with brain fog, losing weight, and low levels of energy.

It was a bit challenging on days 1-3, then totally fantastic the rest of the cleanse. My body loved it and responded immediately to the pure superfoods - these are the best I've ever had - and I was a super-food junkie even before this cleanse.

Since doing the cleanse I feel fantastic. I'll never ever go a day without using those superfoods again. It's a forever thing for me. I am a full-time musician and Pilates instructor - I'm all over the place day and night and I have to have energy. I use the tools from the 10 Day Cleanse daily, and I turn others on to it all the time. It's very easy to use, tastes great, and it works!”


“I initially started the 10 Day Cleanse for weight loss.

I struggled a little bit the first few days, but the weight loss kept me going... I lost 14.2 pounds and 11 inches, but the unexpected benefit was this feeling of empowerment, a drive to move forward with my goals, confidence and strength, both physically and emotionally.

I'm all done blaming willpower for my past failed attempts at weight loss. The 10 Day Cleanse gave me just what I needed! I LOVE the way my body feels when it has the food it was created to eat.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat food during the Transformation?

Yes! You can eat some foods like berries, avocado, and vegetables as much as you want.

How does the shake taste?

It has an apple, berry flavor that most people enjoy. Those who don’t generally get used to it by day 2 or 3. 

Can I exercise during the 10 days?

Yes, you can do gentle exercise. Remember, you're doing this to heal your body and clean it out, so hard exercise is counterproductive during the 10 days. You'll actually have better results if you do gentle exercise like walking or stretching. 

Am I going to be hungry all the time?

The great thing about this program is you get to eat something every 2 hours, so you won't have time to get hungry. 

Will this work for me?

The short answer is yes! Thousands of people have done this 10 Day Transformation and every single one of them have seen results. If you follow the program, it will work.

What’s the fuss about the protein in it?

This program is different than other cleanses because of the protein (amino acids) in it. You won't break your body down and eat your muscles while you're cleaning your body out. Instead, you'll build your body up and even build muscle because the amino acids stop the breakdown that is so common in most cleansing or detoxing.

Can you tell me more about your money-back guarantee?

You can try out all the products for 30 days risk-free. If you find that the Transformation isn't right for you, just let us know in the first 30 days and receive a full refund (minus shipping and a 4% credit card processing fee).

When can I get it?

Once you place your order, we’ll send you an email to get you started while you wait the 7-10 days for your package to arrive. This prep work will put you on the right path to feeling better!

Make the change today!