Discovering Essential Oils

Ongoing Bi-Weekly Essential Oil Classes

Learn about Essential Oils and what they can do for your Health!

Learn about a new essential oil every other week in this experiential and educational class. Learn practical applications in a fun and playful environment. Experiment with the oils and discover what they do to help you.

Bring all your health questions and find solutions. Leave feeling empowered and knowledgeable on ways to heal yourself.

Did you know medicinal essential oils are 100x more powerful than herbs?

(That surprised me too!)

Pop Quiz!

A) Basil is excellent for...?                     B) Birch can help with...?

C) Cardamom is beneficial for...?        D) Chamomile is the best for...?


a) digestive stuff      b) any and all soreness     c) pumping up your libido     d) calming you down

Weekly Classes from Anywhere in the World!

2 Ways to Attend:

1) In Aspen, in person

2) Video Conference from anywhere

We can all be in class together, no matter where you are!

The Logistics...

Class meets every other week on Wednesday

In Aspen or by Video Conference.

  • April 4 - Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
  • April 11 - Cistus (Rockrose) Essential Oil
  • May 2 - Clove Bud Essential Oil
  • May 17 (note this is Thursday) - Cumin Black Essential Oil
  • May 30 - Cypress Essential Oil
  • June 13 - Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • June 27 - Fir Essential Oil

5:30 PM Mountain Time (that's 4:30 Pacific, 6:30 Central, and 7:30 Eastern) for 1 hour

In Aspen? We'll meet at the Red Brick Center for the Arts Conference Room

Out of Town? We'll meet over a super easy video conference platform called Zoom

April we'll meet twice in a row due to an advanced essential oil training I'm attending

July and August Class Dates TBD

Only $15 a class! 

(when you sign up ahead of time or $20 at the class)

Class includes working and playing with the essential oil du jour. I'll bring the oils and you bring you.

Meeting us online? Each weekly oil is for sale HERE, so you can play right along with us. Allow 1 week for shipping.

Want to Join the Class?

  • Learn about various essential oils and what they can do for your health
  • Experience the benefits firsthand while we play and work with a new oil every class
  • Gain confidence to use the oils on yourself and your loved ones. 
  • Educational and Fun - smelling great is just a bonus!
  • Come to one class or all of them
  • Only $15 per class! (when you sign up ahead of time - $20 at the class)

Secure Payment

Sorry, No Refunds

Once you enroll, I'll email you all the details you need to show up in person or join us online.

I look forward to having you join us!

What Others Have to Say...

I drove nearly 3 hours each way to take Sheridan's class, not logical but so worth it!   


This class has given me new insights in ways I can take care of my aches, pains, etc. in daily life!  Peter

I loved everything in this class! The holistic nature of education - covering how it empowers us and every aspect of usage. It was crucial to feel, know, and experience each essential oil, so as to not blow through that without noting its effects.  Amber

Sheridan Semple, H.H.P., C.C.A., C.N.C.

I'm a total essential oil geek and really a health nut too! But, not the perfect never do anything unhealthy kind of way.

My mission is to help you heal yourself. 

I feel that essential oils can be a huge part of that process. They not only help us with any and all physical ailments, but they help us heal emotionally too. They do all this while connecting us back to the plants and trees they came from as well and then ultimately back to the Earth as well.

Essential oils are the full package in self-healing in my book!

Have Fun and Learn Some New Stuff!

We meet every other week for just an hour. It'll be fun! We'll play with the oils and laugh a lot! All while learning so much about our health and plants and essential oils. You'll walk out of each class all blissed out on essential oils and healthier!

Learn how to take your health into your own hands!

Walk away with knowledge on how to confidently use essential oils on yourself and your loved ones. Be empowered to begin making your own health choices that suit you and your needs. Be your own expert on you! Heal yourself!

Only $15 a Class!

If you sign up ahead of time - can't beat that price! Or $20 at the door.

I'd love to have you in class!


Sorry, No Refunds

Got Questions? Contact Me Here!