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Margie W.

I was struggling with inflammation and joint pain. I also wanted to lose some weight. After working with Sheridan, I became educated about inflammation and how to manage it. Through her guidance I learned what supplements and oils would support my journey, and saw a huge shift in my overall energy and body composition! When I stay on my program with Sheridan, I feel the best I have felt in a long time. I've been losing weight and getting leaner through using healthy foods and understanding how inflammation was affecting my body.

Kelly H.

I was unsure of what foods were causing my issues. Sheridan helped me figure out my sensitivities and how to help myself change the patterns. I appreciate that she works outside the box and caters to my individual needs. I love the oils!

Her suggestions had an immediate positive impact. She gets right back to me with questions or concerns and really wants to see me feeling better physically and emotionally. She's one special individual.

K. Hollins

I don't know where to begin! Working with Sheridan has allowed us to detox from a lifetime of accumulated junk and feel like we are on top of and in control of our health!

Working with Sheridan is empowering. It's like a collaboration to reach optimum health. I think the biggest transformation is feeling like I have a portal to the inside for myself and my family... which provides confidence and freedom to trust our intuitive path to optimal health.

Jen Y

My daughter, 2 1/2 years old, was struggling with several different things. Ranging from virus' to rashes to vitamin & mineral deficiency and more. We had gone to our regular pediatrician and, though we like them, they couldn't diagnose in detail the things that the scan can report. Working with Sheridan, is so wonderful. We were able to scan a lock of my daughter's hair and then come in for a consultation. The scan can pinpoint precisely what the "attackers" are to her body, like mold, parasites, the names of viruses. It can also diagnose food sensitivity and so much more. Sheridan is a terrific listener and extremely knowledgeable. With a plan from her we were able to use essential oils and supplements to support my daughter's health and bring about the healing needed. It is a fun process of discovery for the whole family.

Much, much better - we are on a journey of total health!

Kristin V

Over the years I've seen Sheridan for so many things! The most significant were food sensitivities and when I got really sick and the doctors couldn't tell me what was wrong. I was having hair loss and serious digestion problems as well as low energy and weight gain. The medical system had failed me and I had no hope.

I was able to find out that I had high levels of BPA in my system that was affecting my hormones and causing all sorts of problems. I was able to clear the BPA and totally turn my health around. I no longer have any weight problems, I've been able to maintain a really healthy weight for a couple years now. And my hair is the longest and healthiest it's been in awhile. All my symptoms not only turned around but are now better than they ever have been.

Sydney P.

I was very scattered with what good nutrition was. I had a lot of old beliefs about what healthy meant and what it looked liked to be an intuitive eater. Sheridan is really flexible with her coaching and offers great options that do not feel forceful. She understands that we all have struggled to some degree with what to eat and what really feels good in our body. Now I can really listen to my inner self and use her wisdom to help guide me as I rebuild a platform for intuitive eating.

It is not all black and white. WE can mold bits and pieces together and over time revisit those pieces again.


I came in for help with my hormones and abdominal pain.

My experience has been life changing - I am feeling more in control of my mood swings, able to treat my ups and downs and don’t suffer from stomach pains now.

Without Sheridan's help I would be desperate!! You have worked wonders, I am so grateful - your knowledge and treatments have enormously improved my quality of life - thank you Sheridan - I would recommend you to all of my friends and family

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